Please contact us if you have questions or would like to see other themes!

Web night mode with a click

Put the web in night mode with a click. Or dawn. Or dusk. Adapt your web experience by changing the color the webpage is presented in.


Colorum Safari app extension

Colorum is a simple extension that let you overrule the colors used on a webpage and instead pick a color combination from a collection of predefined themes. Original color themes: Dusk, Night, Dawn and Noon.


The themes can also be activated by the pop-up menu, reachable by ctrl-click the mouse button or ”right-click”. Colorum also supports Mojave’s new Dark Mode.

Chosen color theme many be deactivated without reloading the webpage.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to see other themes!


New features in v1.1

  • Activated theme now stays active when loading new webpage/site.
  • Activated theme can be now be deactivated, just click on the button for that theme again.
  • Choosing a new theme automatically deactivate any theme already active.
  • Colorum now works with more sites (adapted for Content Security Policy)
  • Localization: added support for Swedish language.


Privacy Policy

The Colorum app and the Colorum Safari app extension do not collect any personal data from the user, nor the web pages visited. No form of report is sent by the app back to the app developer (Team Wilk AB) or any third party in addition to Apple. The user can volunteer to send technical information to Apple if the the app crashes. This technical information can be used by the developer to improve the app. For more information on how we process personal data, please read our general privacy policy.