eAccounting extensions

eAccounting (page in Swedish) is an accounting system from Visma Spcs (page in Swedish). Team Wilk is currently investigating the prerequisites for both stand-alone apps connected to eAccounting and  web extensions integrated with eAccounting.


Deposit slip

An add-on that is already in test is a receipt function, so that with a mouse click you can print a deposit slip, confirming whether an invoice is paid.

2018-10-15: Tillägget är nu tekniskt verifierat för Safari på Mac och kommer inom kort testas för Chrome, Firefox samt Edge. Därefter kommer tillägget paketeras och läggas upp för distribution i respektive App Store.

Want to know more?

If you as an eAccounting user are interested in updates about how our projects related to Visma products are developing, you can contact us and we will keep you informed.